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  • SOOWAY SW-36 3D Printer
  • SOOWAY SW-36 3D Printer
  • SOOWAY SW-36 3D Printer
  • SOOWAY SW-36 3D Printer
SOOWAY SW-36 3D PrinterSOOWAY SW-36 3D PrinterSOOWAY SW-36 3D PrinterSOOWAY SW-36 3D Printer

SOOWAY SW-36 3D Printer

Product NO SW-36 Mini 3D Printer Red/Black
Modeling Technology FDM
Extruder quantity 1
Nozzle Temperature 0-260
Hot Bed Temperature N/A
Nozzle diameter 0.4mm0.3-0.8mm
Layer Thickness 0.1-0.4mm
Printing Size 140*140*140mm
Traveling Speed 10-150mm/s
positioning accuracy Z0.0025 XY0.011mm
Working Mode Online or SD offline
Working 2.4"touch screen
Software language Chinese/English
Power outage location Yes
Filament motor Yes
Materials 1.75mm
Print Materials PLAWoodFexibleTPU
Printing software CuraRepetier-hostsimplify3d
Date import format STLOBJGcode
Operating system XP,WIN7,MacOS,WIN10
Power supply input 110v-220v
Power supply output 12V 10A 120W
Net Weight 6.5kg
Product Size 270*270*300mm
Package Size 350*350*380mm
Main advantages 1: The fully closed profile plus acrylic structure to ensure the stability of the internal structure
2: The overall body is compact and beautiful, and the high temperature positions are all safely isolated to prevent burns.
3: 2.4 inch Chinese and English color touch screen, simple and practical interface
4: The XY axis uses a high-precision linear guide, which is more accurate
5: Z axis adopts 4 T-type screw, 10mm optical axis as support, stable without jitter
6: Support power off memory, automatically pause and alarm after materials are used. Make sure that printing fails due to power failure or material usage
Product describe For the SW-36 MINI 3D Printer, we set ourselves a tough goal: to create a new user experience in a highly competitive 3D printing market. This requires us to not only make it more mini-convenient, but also better. In this MINI3D printer, we have a new 3D print processing solution, which improves the stable processing performance of the product in the market. In addition, a new profile structure, blank detection, touch display, power failure memory, and breakpoint are also adopted. Continuing to fight, linear guides, off-line printing and other most reasonable equipment plan.


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